We, Pay and Henning, both have a sheep farm. We are both in our mid-30s, so we are still relatively young. The good thing is, we are not only neighbors, but also good friends. Since we share the same goal and get along well, we joined forces. We thought it was simply too bad to just throw the wool away, whereas it is suitable for so much more. Therefore, we came up with the idea of making healing wool as well as other wool as bandages. These bandages can then be used for horse joints, for example.

We live with nature and not against it.

The basic prerequisite for this, however, was that our own values correspond to our actions: Taking responsibility for people, animals and the environment, but also conserving natural resources. This also means that we only want to produce high-quality products from sheep. However, the issue of sustainability must not be ignored. Each of us contributes to half of the wool production. We also have our own website, where we can be seen.

Curious tourists often pass by our farms. Henning already takes over the farm “Kolmannskuppe” in the fourth generation and is currently in the construction of a new farm store. His current farm is located in the beautiful Sönke-Nissen-Koog, directly at the Wadden Sea National Park. Sufficient nature is definitely provided for here. The sheep, which like to graze on the dikes and salt marshes, also like that. But we also like the place very much. We live with nature and not against it. Therefore, we also want to bring our fascination closer to people of all ages. In doing so, we would like to make them aware of a farming system that is close to nature and regional. But species-appropriate animal husbandry also plays a major role here. After all, our sheep are the ones who ensure that biodiversity is increased. But they also contribute a lot to landscape conservation and coastal protection. We love our work and this is also reflected in the basic pillars of our family business: fairness, honesty and very important: joy and fun!!

— Pay und Henning


Deichschaf Eigenschaften Landschaft

Endless salt marshes and dikes of the North Sea coast

Deichschaf Eigenschaften Wetter

Rough North Sea weather with up to 130 rainy days

Deichschaf Eigenschaften Nahrung

Mineral grasses
on the tidal flats

Deichschaf Eigenschaften Wolle

Rough coat for
rough weather


spinning mill

Our wool is currently being dyed!

Our wool is currently being dyed!

The wool is sheared, the yarn is spun…be excited!

Mährles heroes
– Henning and Pay