The herd of the capital sheep line is the result of a close relationship between innovation and tradition. Since its birth in 1997, it underwent a lively evolution in order to represent the most pleasant and fair work for both man, nature and animals.


While nowadays there is often a focus on mass instead of class when it comes to animal husbandry in general, I have returned to the roots of shepherding with my flock. This means that it was carefully considered which sheep breed can graze the local landscapes most efficiently, how many animals are really necessary for this and which framework conditions must be given in order to be able to work with nature.

And so today, during the summer months, we care for 110 hectares of fenland and 60 hectares of dry grassland in the nature reserves “Wegendorfer Mühlenfließ”, “Neuenhagener Mühlenfließ” and “Langes Elsenfließ”. Sensitive areas that demand a great deal of knowledge, caution and energy in order to be grazed appropriately and sustainably.

Anyone who has carefully studied the pictures of my herd will have quickly noticed that among my German black-headed meat sheep there are a few “conspecifics” that stand out from the crowd – water buffalo! I would describe them as the “experimental-innovative” factor of my flock, because in addition to their calm, peaceful disposition, they not only bring a positive mood to the flock, but also complement the sheep perfectly in the work itself. The local countryside is partly very wet, interspersed with fens – there we sometimes encounter conditions that simply do not meet the optimal requirements of my sheep. That’s why my water buffalo graze these critical areas. An experiment that I can now say has been more than successful. I believe that as long as one respects tradition in shepherding and benefits from the knowledge accumulated over the centuries, there is still room to dare to do new things that simply would not have been possible in the past. Innovation is good for the profession, and it is very close to my heart. This is one of the reasons why I am constantly involved with my herd in campaigns to preserve this profession, which is steeped in history and close to nature.

— Knut Kucznik

Characteristics of our „HAUPTSTADTSCHAF“

Undergrowth within
the fens around Berlin

A cold and moderate climate

A thriving flora in
the wetlands

Uniform white fur
perfect for spinning


spinning mill
dyeing works

Done! Our wool reaches the farm stores.

Done! Our wool reaches the farm stores.

Mährles heroes
– Knut Kucznik